Here you can find useful tips about how to make a bag.

Luxurylether is a leather goods manufacturing from Italy, we make luxury bags for well-established businesses and young designers.

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Every day we got info and requested above all from young designers, they want to know how to make a bag and how to start working with us.

Here you have a list to follow before starting your project, for us it is very important, please check carefully this inventory, hoping to solve your doubts :

How to make a bag in 5 steps:

  1. tech pack made by you or by your model maker
  2. clear idea about what material do you want to use for your collection ( leather, textile, synthetic, vegan, ecologic . . . )
  3. selection of hardware (colours, shapes and materials)
  4. logo and brand identification very clear
  5. positioning of your brand and collection.

Once these 5 points are clear in your mind, Luxuryleather, your leather goods manufacturing is ready to accompany you in this new fashion adventure.

In fact, our advice is always to clarify carefully these points and to keep in mind your vision.

an interview where we touched several fashion issues.

Useful tips about how to make a bag.

I don’t want to take up any more time, but if you can please watch this video to see how to start a collaboration with a leather goods manufacturing like us.

In fact, Luxuryleather will be at your side from the first step. If you have no idea about tech pack or technical drawing don t worry WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU.

Indeed my team can prepare it for you we just need a sketch or a simple draw to turn an idea into a real product.

Ask us how to make a bag?

After checking that tech pack is ready and well done, we proceed with the choice of the material, another important step or maybe the main character of your collection.

We can recommend you about leather choosing, a sustainable skins, a chrome tanning or we can guide you in the direction of other materials, such as canvas, vegan, synthetic, nylon . . .

All these options will be studied together, in addition, you can always count on our artisan support team.

Behind every successfull company there is someone who has made a brave choice.

Peter Ferdinand Drucker

In conclusion, we are inviting you to visit our company and showroom and above all to send us an email at to get further details about us and our way to work.

In the meantime, I am leaving you this introductory video with some working scenes, please enjoy it, it is supposed to be a good show.