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Artisan production of high-fashion bags, we are an Italian manufacturer of bags that works for various luxury brands and emerging talents.


A manufactury of bags that produce bags, small leather goods and leather garments. We have been doing that for years, and every project comes to life owing to a complete production process :

italian leather manufacturing


From a simple draw or a sketch, we passed through the research of different sources and accessories up to the finished product. As a result, the leather handbag production chain has become synonymous with excellence, originality and quality.

Eleni Bantra - London, UK.
Eleni Bantra - London, UK.Much more than a factory
Leggi Tutto
Great customer support. Sampling process was smooth and with their help it was great to see all the bag drawings turn into actual products. Very happy with the result and definitely moving on with a bigger production and hopefully a long lasting collaboration.


Much more than a manufacturer of bags, craftsmanship, art, culture, and design are the driving forces at our factory. We aim to be efficient and turn into reality every idea and project as it appears in the designer’s mind. We are continuously inspired by territory, music, food, beauty, and artistic heritage. Care and attention to detail, traditional experience and artisanal expertise are the ideal partners of the fashion system. Our obsession is to achieve excellence.



leather factory


High-quality leather production: research, development and an artisan team to create a well-made product.


We help established companies and young designers to create a luxury collection, a simple bag or leather clothing.

  • High-quality craftsmanship
  • Attention to details
  • Flexibility on minimum order
  • Transparency in the production
  • Heritage and knowledge
  • Made in Italy

Denishio Murray - Los Angeles, USA.
Denishio Murray - Los Angeles, USA.High quality leather goods production
Leggi Tutto
Great customer service. Fast. Personable yet professional. I love working with this company. I have felt very comfortable about starting my luxury brand now that i have access to this manufacturer. I would definitely recommend this manufacturer for anyone who is interested in luxury pieces. The quality of my bags is amazing. Thank you for bringing my brand to life.