Manufacturer of bag


We are a FACTORY in Italy, we make bags, small leather goods and leather garments.

  • Pattern Making, Tech Pack
  • Sampling and Prototyping
  • Materials – Hardware selection
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality control
  • Shipping


At your service to create a luxury collection, a simple bag or a leather clothing.

  • High quality craftsmanship
  • Attention to details
  • Flexibility on minimum order
  • Transparency in the production
  • Heritage and knowledge
  • Made in Italy


Craftsmanship, art, culture and design, they are our driving forces. Our aim is to be efficient, we turn into reality every idea and project as it appears in the mind of the designer. We are continuously inspired by territory, music, food, beauty and by any kind of art heritage. Care and attention to detail, traditional experience and artisanal expertise to be the ideal partner of the fashion system. Our obsession is to achieve excellence.




Brendan Burns
Leggi Tutto
Lorenzo has been fantastic to work with so far. His quality, attention to detail, and service thus far has been fantastic. I am a very particular person when it comes to how things have to look, so i appreciate his continued patience as we prototyped somehting he has never made before. If you are looking to bring something alive look no further than Lorenzo over at Luxury Leather.
Lily Santiago
Leggi Tutto
Working with Lorenzo has been such an amazing experience. He really listens and acted as a consultant to help us with our vision. I don't think my daughter's dream of having her own handbag colleciton would have been realized so perfectly without him. The company 's attention to detail and amazing customer service has made us a customer for life.
Marilyn Ciciliano
Leggi Tutto
This is a great company to work with. They waste no time and the quality of their work is amazing! Lorenzo is very nice and super profressional! I definitely recommend them.
Uzma Kayani
Leggi Tutto
From our first initial contact via phone, producing our samples and then visiting Naples, Lorenzo and his team were a pleasure to meet. Lorenzo is a very professional and an incredible knowledgeable person in his industry. His samples are handmade in Italy and the leather is of high quality! Thanks for your great service : )
Halvard Louden
Leggi Tutto
I have been working with them for several months, they know very well how to make bags and leather garments, it s a great team. I have a great partnership with them. top top top.
Domenico Sansoni
Leggi Tutto
I looked for a company to help me with my project for a while, i found Lorenzo and we started working together, the attention and concern for details and speed with all the steps are impressive. It is very likely that we will work together for many years.
Oliver Piercey
Leggi Tutto
The real deal! Very professional company which provide extremely high quality leather garments.