Zoomonfashiontrends: the essential Italian magazines dedicated to the fashion world. With its powerful images it provides the inspiration for all who are passionate  about the new fashion trends, textiles and other materials like leather.

For autumn/winter 2015.16 this beautiful magazine proposes five themes with materials and colour suggestions. We are very proud to  be part of these gorgeous pages with our carefully selected leather and for this reason we would like to invite you  to see a little preview of zoomonfashiontrends a/w 2015.16 – s/s 2016

For more information about the magazine visit http://www.nuovalibra.com

Vegetable tanning, classic nappa
Vegetable tanning, classic nappa


purity of colors with our refinished aluminium white leather


different shapes of blue and green for fabrics and bottons sourronded by our iridescent leather in avion colour.


smooth, grafic fabrics and our black nappa


black nappa, soft/semivegetable tanning
repeated squares with our soft/semivegetable tanning pieces and fabrics shot trough with threads of light


washed article on vegetable manufacturing
A delicate elegance with our light-blue vegetable leather and other candy fabrics


bands and stripes  with our vegetable leather and other materials


Washed and shining red skin, vegetable tanning



Natural, warm tones for our classic nappa on chrome tanning





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