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the italian leather supplier luxury & leather presents its collection on famous fashion magazines. Handbags and garments made to measure in Italy. Visit or have a look to zoomonfashiontrends, the fashion magazine of nuovalibra
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Do you want inspiration, analysis and trend forecasts delivered straight to you? Zoom On Fashion Trends meet your needs with a wide variety of ideas for  2016.17 Autumn/Winter season.

Inside you can find some fashion suggestions by Luxury & Leather like our neutral and deep palette, oscillating between the light and shade of  chalck white, flesh pink, dust grey and cobalt…


vegetable leather produced by the italian tannery luxury & leather. Made in Italy, luxury & leather supplies leather for garments and handbags. Visit to discover our bespoke leather services
vegetable leather, light colours with a touch of cobalt blue





The tannery luxury & leather supply vegetable leather with fashionable colours. On you can find our leather collection, including this soft nappa in brown colour.
vegetable leather, vintage effect in brown colour



soft nappa supplied in fashionable colours for garments and handbags made to measure. Visit to see all leather collection made in Italy by luxury & leather, a bespoke leather supplier
soft nappa, cobalt blue



vintage leather for man jacket made to measure by luxury & leather. The company offers a tannery that supply any kind of leather and also a fashion atelier to create leather garments and leather handbags. Visit
vintage leather, shiny effect




leather decoration made by the italian tannery luxury & leather. Our tannery can offer leather for garments, handbags and shoes. Visit to see all decoration and ornaments on leather
focus on leather decorations, warm colours




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