Manufacturer of Bags

We are an italian leather goods manufacturing who makes bags and leather garments for young designers and established companies. You can develop your bag collection or leather garment outfits in our office in Milano or in our showroom in Solofra, one of Italy’s main centers for leather tanning.

Since 1979 a leather goods manufacturing that offers :

pattern development

study on latest trends

research and assembly of accessories for all bespoke requests

research and selection of the best leathers

quality control in manufacturing bags and leather garments production

Made in Italy entire production.

leather goods manufacturing

Private label bags: your factory made in ITALY

Please contact us by whats up at + 39 338 1514 846 for a soon reply and a quotation or send us an email at news@luxuryleather.it


Luxury Leather is a leather goods manufacturing that guarantes an efficient service with a competitive price, our team is able to implement and design any type of article, respecting a professional way of work.

we are here to make your dreams come true

how to make a bag

N Y F W : New York Fashion Week THE SHOWS

Runway on 8th February

A great parternship with a designer from Uk gave us the chance to be there, to join at New York Fashion Week 20/21. In our bags factory we produced three different models of bags, all of them became the real stars of NY fashion show.

thanks so much NIKOLE .

Eco leather vs Syntetic leather


leather produced by italian tannery luxury & leather

Eco leather is the green answer to the important need to protect the planet. Eco leather, infact, is a genuine leather but the tanning process is vegetal, using natural tannins.

It can last a long time, it can biodegrade and it can be re-used or recycled.

On the other side, syntetic leather is made out of chemicals like petrochemicals, which makes it not eco friendly. It also takes a very long time to biodegrade and can break down and produce micro-plastics damaging for health.

Luxury & Leather strongly believes that eco leather can be the right solution for unique and sophisticated collections.

To discover our proposals contact info@luxuryleather.it 

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Focus on leather at Milan Fashion Week


The colour is the absolute protagonist of the new leather collection shown by Luxury & Leather and Cristiano Burani to the last Milan fashion week.

Uncommon tones mixed in unusual ways for a casual but trendy look.

Leather, camel, flag and esmerald green are combined with bright tones of fuchsia , orange and yellow, below you can find our leather garments presented at MILANO FASHION WEEK.


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Ready to wear our jewel sandals?


Our expert artisans can realize trendy and eye-catching sandals.  You can  personalize your collection with jewels that we will develop fo you.

As usual, you have just to send your sketch or idea and our team will think to the rest, it seems difficult but from a simple draw we are able to develop a full collection, it s time to contact us  news@luxuryleather.it


leather shoes factory




Addicted to leather

leather manufacturer

Our private label company can manufacture fashion clothing for women and men.

Main services offered :

  • Patterns and samples development (garments, handbags, shoes and accessories)
  • Leather production
  • Assistance with accessories personalization
  • Made in Italy production
  • Quality control

Contact info@luxuryleather.it and LET S WORK TOGETHER !

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Handbags made in Italy



Imagine a company where you can find everything you need to realize your handbag collection: the best leather quality, hardware personalization, paper patterns and sample manufacturing …  Everything realized by Luxury & Leather team! You have just to imagine your handbag line and we will realize it.


For further info contact info@luxuryleather.it





Leather kimono


Urban style and references to Japanese culture inspire the new collection of Cristiano Burani 2020, OUR MAIN DESIGNER from Italy.

Soft nappa leather, carefully tanned by Luxury & Leather expert craftsmen, give life to interesting kimono leather jackets, all garments made in our factory in Italy by professional hands and technical expertise.

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Tie-day leather on Milano Fashion catwalk


An everyday contemporary elegance expressed trough tie-dye leather created by Luxury & Leather for the latest Cristiano Burani’s collection.

Have a look to these soft fabrics just exposed with smooth leather carefully hand dyed by our expert artisans. MADE in Italy in our factory, tanned one to one by hand, it s time to develop your collection using tie dye methods.

You can also see the whole collection on VOGUE online magazine



LEATHER garment factory

red leather with shiny effect



In this Fashion season, the spotlight is all on patent leather. Characterized by a glass-like finish that catches the light, this material will litterally help you to shine!

Don’t miss this trend and be sure to incorporate this glowing material into your wardrobe, perhaps buying one of the gorgeous garment realized by Luxury & Leather and Cristiano Burani.

In the photos some ideas on the italian fashion magazine ” Grazia”.            Let yourself be inspired!


Leather goods manufacturing made in Italy

Leather garments and handbags manufacturer, made in Italy by the Italian atelier Luxury & Leather.


The amazing world of Fashion, with its fantasy, catwalks and excitement, reflects Luxury & Leather; Leather’s ambitions to offer a full in-house design service thanks to a highly skilled team that, ready to satisfy the requests of the most demanding customers, will take you step by step through every stage of the creation of yours made-to-measure leather garments and bags.


The service includes:

Pattern and prototype production
(Our experienced team of pattern cutters offers their extensive experience through unique service, tailored to each individual project)

Assistance and advice with leather and colours selection
(Our Style Office can offer a high standard of personalization through the selection of leather – carefully worked in our own tannery – and the latest trends advices about colours and other materials)

Assistance with personalization accessories
( We can  select for you the best accessories – such us zippers, bottons, labels –  all of which personalized with your logo impressed on)

Production of the final product
(The final step of the process includes a replica of our customer’s and once everything is ok we create the final piece)


Contact info@luxuryleather.it for further information.