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Spring-Summer 2017: Luxury & Leather at Première Vision Paris

luxury&leather, new collection
luxury & leather collection at première vision, paris



Spring-Summer 2017 is guided by the captivating laws of attraction. This season cultivates good vibes to attract and bring closer very different worlds. It unites softness and performance, encourages rawness and modernity to converse, binds mysticism with authenticity.
In the new Luxury & Leather collection – previewed on February 16-18 at Première Vision in Paris – iridescent finishes take centre stage. Stretch lamb and vegetable leather show off lacquered and laminated finishes. Technologically modified flowers grow in futuristic greenhouses. Voluptuous roses bloom, incongruous florals blend gentle pastel petals, embroideries dripping with beads and metallic punctuations.
On the other hand, a more ‘authentic simplicity’ version with ethnic braiding and perforated leathers enlivened by acidic pastel details.

So, let’s take a look at the key Spring/Summer 2017 trends, presented during the event!

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